Fine Pitch Spring Contact Probe and Micro Drilling

LEENO manufactures fine pitch probes to 75 micron using high precision CNC machines. Fine pitch solutions are provided with housing (Socket) developed through advanced machining techniques proving 30 micron hole size. Both probe and housing has a proven mass production capability with actual field tests. Specifications Fine Pitch Probe Frequency:...

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110GHz Vector Network Analyzer (PNA-X)

Providing 2Port, 110GHz measurement data through N5244B/N5292A PNA-X Network Analyzer. RF specifications of Test Probe based Sockets from 2Port (110GHz) through 4Port (43GHz). RF specification measurements derived from Leeno designed measuring Jig. Specification: value Frequency: 110GHz(2Port), 43GHz(4Port) Pitch: 0.3 Pitch~ Pin Map: GGSGG, GSG, GS

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Fine Pitch Coaxial Probe

With unparalleled technology of coaxial structure, high precision machining and assembly, LEENO provides Fine Pitch (down to 0.25mm) Coaxial Probes to customers with; High Bandwidth with Impedance Matched High Frequency up to 100GHz   Specifications Frequency: 80GHz(BGA), 100GHz(QFN, LGA) Pitch: 0.25mm ~ Crosstalk: -60dB Impedance: 50Ω ± 10% ※ Socket Material:...

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Coaxial Interface Probe Head

Application: Front End Module(Filters, Amplifiers, Switches, etc.) Features: Coaxial System Configuration through SMA → Coaxial Cable → Coaxial Socket(Spring Contact Probe) → Wafer Die (No PCB Traces are necessary). Advantages: √ Perfect Isolation among Signals √ No Degradation on Insertion Losses Specifications Frequency: 40GHz Pitch / Planarity: 150 um / 30um Spring Force:...

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One Touch Socket

Boltless Socket which can be mounted onto the PCB by one touch. Dramatic Decrease of Down Time through One Step Mounting or Demounting of Socket onto/from PCB using Specially Designed Exclusive Jig Simple and Easy Maintenance Specifications Package Type: BGA, QFN, LGA, etc. Socket Size: > 20...

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Module Connector Test Socket & Probe - LEENO

2 Different Types, Arrow or Fork, of Probe Applicable depending on Connector Clip Shape (Male or Female Type) Higher Yield through Optimized 2-point Contact with Connector Clip Improve Durability of Probe through Mechanical Stability Specifications:  Socket Type: Single Site or Dual Sites Customization Available Pitch: > 0.35mm Probe Tip...

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RF Fine Pitch Probe

Distinct Features & Advantages ◆ OAL 2.0mm Spring Contact Probe for 130~150um Pitch High Pin Count RF Probe Card/Head ◆ Signal Length 1.75mm, Excellent Performance for High Bandwidth Test Specifications Spring Force(g): 8 Signal Path(mm): 1.75 Bandwidth(GHz): 17 (0.13P / GGSGG) Current(A): 1.3

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Mechanical Spec. : 200㎛ Pitch Probe

Spring Force: 5.2g @ 0.30mm Recommended Travel: 0.30mm Full Travel: 0.50mm Material: Plunger – Pd Alloy / No plated                Plunger – Pd Alloy / No plated                Barrel – Au Alloy /...

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Pakage Type 2021BGA Pitch 1.0mm Characteristics 270W Cooling System Cover

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1296BGA, 361BGA

Pakage Type 1296BGA, 361BGA Pitch 0.4mm Characteristics Adjoining PKG Test Socket

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1292BGA, 272BGA

Pakage Type 1292BGA, 272BGA Pitch 0.4mm Characteristics Bi-directional PoP Test Socket

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Pakage Type 1249NSP Pitch 0.568mm Characteristics Normal

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